Pirates aerial adventure day

A boy and girl in pirate clothing peering from a climbing area on pirates aerial adventure day.

Are you brave enough to take on the pirates' aerial adventure challenge?

Your class can take on the role of pirates to climb the rigging, step from one floating beam to another and seek out ships on the horizon from the birds nest.

It's all part of the special day using the new Sky Ropes at Great Notley Country Park together with Learning Outside of the Classroom (LOTC) to create a unique experience for primary school children.

As well as cross curricular offerings your class will also be able to take part in a range of physical individual or group challenges and adventures.

Pupils will also get the chance to dress in pirate costumes and join the adventure at Essex Country Parks.

Who is it for?

Key stage 2

Where can you do it?


Available upon request

How to book

Call 0345 603 7624. This event is new for 2016 and in high demand.