The History Of Chocolate

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Coming to Cressing Chocolate Festival? Then why not book onto one of our fantastic workshops? 

Talk - 'The Ancient History of Chocolate' Join chocolate enthusiast and historian Valina Bowman-Burns in a journey 3,000 years back to discover who first tasted chocolate, See the earliest image of hot chocolate preparation on an 8th Century Maya vase and discover the flavours savoured by the 13th Century Aztecs. This multi-sensory talk will, of course, include taste!

Talk - 'The History of Chocolate in Britain' Britain loves chocolate! As a nation we eat over 600,000 tonnes a year! Responsible for a respectable part of that tonnage, historian Valina Bowman-Burns explores our first encounters with chocolate and the British entrepreneurs who created the bars we all know and love. 

These talks are part of the Cressing Chocolate Festival and further entrance fee applies


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19th April 2019


Various throughout the day

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The whole family


From £8 to £20 depending on workshop

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