Cressing Temple: civil partnership and wedding venue

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Cressing Temple, a venue established on beautiful grounds near Braintree and Witham in Essex, is the perfect romantic setting for all occasions. From timeless weddings to blissful vow renewals and civil partnerships, our surroundings promise to create unforgettable, picture-perfect events.

You can celebrate your special day - wedding, birthday or anniversary in a Barley Barn constructed between 1205 and 1235, the Granary, a two-storey building with historical timber frames or the Wheat Barn, an intimate venue created with trees felled between 1257 and 1280. Cressing Temple Barns allows you to welcome up to 200 guests, with the Walled Gardens acting as an idyllic, picturesque place for photos and refreshments with your loved ones.

The Oak Room is an additional option for couples, offering seating for up to 35 guests, for community weddings. Your cosy ceremony on historical grounds would bring a day filled with beauty and tranquility.

For more information and details on how to book a registrar, please visit the Essex County Council Website.

For all enquiries relating to weddings, please email

Three photos of weddings at Cressing Temple, Essex