Caveman day

Key stage 2 boy sits in den built at an Essex Country Park school visit

With this day, your class can experience and explore the challenges of day-to-day life in the Stone Age at any Essex Country Park.

The day could include:

  • Adventure – how to build a home using the natural environment
  • Fire lighting – learning the history of fire lighting and how to use a flint and steel
  • Creating – understanding how to use natural resources to your benefit
  • Hunting – games such as Hide and Seek to understand camouflage
  • Communication – team challenges to understand how to communicate without words
  • Art – using nature to re-create pictures

Who is it for?

Ideal for Key Stage 2, and can be adapted for your class and curriculum - please let us know your needs.


£7.50 per child

How to book

Please call 0345 603 7624