Kensuke day

Pupils taking a reading from a post in an Essex Country Park as part of a geocaching event as part of Kensuke day.

Your class will explore and investigate their ‘island’ by re-enacting key elements of Michael Morpurgo's story Kensuke's Kingdom.

The day may include activities such as:

  • Exploring with Geocaching - children will work as a team, learning how to use the GPS unit and go on a treasure trail, answering questions relating to the story.
  • Adventure – creating a ‘home’ by building a den
  • Art – using natural resources to produce environmental art

Who is it for?

Ideal for Key Stage 2, and can be adapted to your class and curriculum - let us know what you need.


£8.00 per child

How to book

Please call 0345 603 7624.