Pirate training day

Pupils sit in a den they've built as part of country park Pirate training day.

From the moment you step off the coach, you and your class need to be prepared for the harsh world you are about to step into.

Having been ship-wrecked off the coast of one of our ‘islands’, your challenge is to survive the day without mutiny. By working together to tackle a series of team and individual challenges, your class will have fun whilst learning about themselves and their fellow pirates.

Days always involve shelter-building but depending on the skill and experience of the pirates present, who knows what the Pirate Captain on duty will throw at them! Pirate Challenge is perfect for covering the adventurous activity units. It encourages teamwork, independence and build confidence in an unfamiliar location.

Activities that can be included in your Pirate Challenge day:

  • Blindfold Trail – Work in pairs to verbally guide one another through the terrain
  • Map Reading –  Teams draw up a treasure map and challenge other pirates to find their hidden treasure
  • Shelter-building –  Construct a shelter to survive on the island, thinking about water-proofing and insulation
  • Walk the Plank – Test balance and nerve to avoid the shark-infested custard
  • Remember, the Pirate Captain is in charge… so who knows what duties he might throw at the pirates!

Who is it for?

Key Stage 1 and 2, and can be adapted for your class and curriculum. Just let us know your needs.


£7.50 per child

How to book

Call 0345 603 7624