Rocks and soils day

Key stage 2 pupils crowd around, examining stones

Armed with digging equipment your class will venture out into the Park to step back in time and see for themselves the layers of soil, mulch and leaf litter that builds up over 100s of years. They will find out about different components of soils and their importance as a natural resource. Through mud art, the properties of soils can be explored in a creative way. This day particularly encourages scientific investigation and connects rocks and soils to other important topics such as habitats, history and sustainability. Activities that can be included in your Rocks and Soils day:

  • Geo-detective – Find the clues to Essex' past, hidden in local rock formations
  • Soil study – learn about the layers of different soils
  • Rock discovery - investigate and sort permeable and impermeable rocks
  • Erosion – Discover what causes erosion and how we can prevent it
  • Underground dwellers - Explore life in the soil and find out its vital role
  • Art and games – Land art, mud painting, pebble tower game and more!

Also at Cudmore:

  • Fossil hunter – Explore the beach to find genuine fossils!

Although available at many Essex Country Parks, Cudmore Grove is an especially great place for a Rock and soils day because of its coastal formations and the opportunity to hunt for fossils.

Who is it for?

Key Stage 2. The day can be adapted to your class and curriculum. Just let us know your needs.


£7.50 per child

How to book

Call 0345 603 7624