Stone Age, Iron Age and Roman Days

Inside the replica Iron Age roundhouse at Hadleigh Park, Essex

Hadleigh Country Park proudly offers its unique Iron Age Roundhouse as an educational venue for schools. Learners can feel the past come to life as they explore the fully-furnished roundhouse, dig up real ancient pottery and meet a Roman soldier or Celtic warrior.

We offer the following themed days:

  • Stone Age to Iron Age
  • Iron Age
  • Celts and Romans
  • Roman invasion of Britain

Activities that might be included in your day:

  • Explore the progress of technology and lifestyle from Stone Age to Iron Age
  • Learn what it was like to live in the Iron Age and how it compares to life today
  • Hear the story of the Roman invasion of Britain and Boudica’s revolt
  • Research different aspects of past life by finding evidence around the Roundhouse
  • Become an archaeologist and take part in an excavation, digging up ancient artefacts
  • Join ‘Warrior School’ - try out the weapons and fighting skills of the ancient Britons, or take part in Roman Army drill and learn battle formations including the famous ‘Testudo’
  • Challenge yourself in the Roman Signal Game – send and receive coded messages over a distance, using flags and Roman numerals
  • See the dressing up of a Roman soldier or Celtic warrior, and learn about their armour and weapons
  • Make clay coil pots to take back to school and paint
  • Grind corn on the quern or try striking sparks with a flint and steel

 We can also offer other activities including:

  • Interpreting and reconstructing excavated artefacts
  • Roman mosaic tile designs
  • Artefact feely bags
  • Settlements - what do we need to survive and what factors determined where people settled?

Who is it for?

Key stages 2 and 3, and can be adapted to your class and curriculum. Just let us know your needs.

Where can you do it?


£8 per child. No charge for accompanying adults.

How to book

Please call us on 01702 551072