World War II day

World War II pillbox at Cudmore Grove, part of Essex Country Parks WWII school visit

Your class will step back in time to glimpse life as World War II soldiers, exploring some of Essex's wartime sites and take part in training exercises, designed to bring out the best in them.

This day fits well with local history studies and significant local events in the 2014 curriculum, and is an effective team-building experience.

Activities that can be included in your World War II day:

  • Time Traveller – Visit wartime sites to see how soldiers trained
  • Shelter-building and Camouflage – Experiment with different types of shelter and camouflage to protect you from the elements and the enemy.
  • Creative Challenge – Take up the soldier's challenge to create art and entertainment from just the materials at hand.
  • Casualty! – Act out other vital wartime roles: Rig up stretchers and race against the clock to save your comrades!

This day is available at Thorndon Country Park and Cudmore Grove, as they have historic wartime features. At Thorndon, children can visit a firing range and bomb crater site. At Cudmore Grove they can explore a pill box.

Who is it for?

Key Stage 2, and can be adapted for your class and curriculum. Let us know your needs.

Where can you do it?


£7.50 per child

How to book

Call 0345 603 7624.